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In the beginning...

This company was over 45 years in the making.  Where two individuals were born on other sides of the world.  Little did they know that their lives would cross later in life and be forged over a mutual love of all things two wheels and discovering new places. Both from very different backgrounds, languages, education, cultures and

experiences, but the riding experience… the riding feeling is one of the same.  It is universal – and as all bikers will tell you; once it is in your blood, it never leaves.  After several years riding, touring and adventuring together, the seed was planted.  To start an adventure tour guide company that would join, mesh, congeal all passions into the one deliverable package.  Something that both these adventurers are very eager to offer others.  To share the love for something greater that ourselves and create memories.  Welcome to Colonel Coleman Adventures!

Building momentum

Who would have thought that creating a tour guide company would be as challenging as enriching? Even more so is how challenging it is trying to decide on the actual locations and tour locations! Both having toured most of the well-visited places Australia, and even more back-country, obscure places our brains are bursting with ideas and possibilities. Which isn't a bad thing at all, for it means we're able to be flexible in what our potential clients would want to see and experience; we'll have a tour for you!  Slowly building momentum for more variety and better adventure tour.